Win the Monetization Challenge

Started as a mobile application developer, we understand it's difficult to monetize mobile applications and games. It's a global problem faced by all other developers, especially indie developers and small studios. Hence, we have developed an innovative platform that is able to assists developers, including us to effectively market and monetize digital creations. More than just a payment platform, it includes localized distribution channels to promote the application and technologies in order to increase user engagement inside the application and games. When it comes to payment, we provide various options i.e. carrier billing, scratch cards and credit cards to suit users and local market requirement. The platform is also backed by Big Data technologies to measure user engagement, sales conversion and up-selling opportunities and it also uses Sentiment Analysis technology to assists developers in application and game improvements based on user feedback.

It's our vision to help turn every application and game into businesses that deliver revenue, so developers can continue to innovate and deliver best-of-class applications and games. Though we mention applications and games, indeed our platform also support content and Internet of Things (IOT) services. Based in Malaysia, we have established a strong presence in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam via partnerships with mobile operators and mobile technology companies.

Intellectual Property



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