ePulze Monetization Platform

Distribute, Engage, Measure, Monetize


ePulze Monetization Platform


Access to more than 100 million mobile subscribers

Distribution via mobile operators
& the ePulze App Store


Engage audiences via social gamification

Community, leaderboard, activity
& more


Uses big data to effectively acquire, retain & monetize users

Continuous app improvement via Patent Pending Sentiment Analysis


Flexible monetization model to cater for a variety of audience

Payment via credit card, carrier premium billing & scratch card

Extensive Content Support

Unlike official storefronts, our App Store can handle both smartphone, web applications and games that are developed in native, mobile and web technologies or by using third party plugins.

Flexible Customization

The storefront can be customized for local market deployment or phone embeding.

ePulze App Store

Innovative storefront for variety of contents

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Monetize With The ePulze Platform

Access to more than 100 million mobile subscribers via our existing partnerships in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia.

Monetization Network

Extensive network to accelerate monetization

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Simplify In-App & In-Game Communication

We take care of the messy telecommunication infrastructure and provide developer friendly APIs to simplify development and deployment.

Communication Drives Participation and Engagement

By enabling two-way communication via voice and messaging we increase the users engagement and time spent on the app/game, while one-way communication allows users to receive timely info in the app and game.

Communication Technology

Supports SMS, voice, WebRTC and IP messaging.


Enabling voice & messaging into apps & games

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Convert Data Into Actionable Insight

Out-of-the-box access to your app traffic and engagement i.e. DAU, MAU, identify top users and potential cross-selling/up-selling.

App & Content Improvement Via User Feedback Analysis

Uses in-store and official app store reviews to automatically identify user sentiment on your app and contents across quality attributes.

ePulze Analytics

Powered by advanced big data technologies

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Self service publishing - publish your app anytime without the lengthy review and approval.


Technical and marketing support is provided to increase application monetization potential.


No second guess on your earning. Up-to-date detailed revenue data is avaliable for own tracking.